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Top 20 Health and Fitness Blogs of 2021

The first month of the year has already come and gone, can you believe it? Do you feel like you’re already falling behind on your health and fitness goals for 2020? Or maybe, you haven’t even gotten started.

The Birth of Intuitive Fitness

Plenty of people who are interested in this field are well aware of the ‘intuitive eating’ concept. This is where a person essentially listens to their body and eats what they want, when they are hungry, until they are full.

The Biggest Food Trends of 2021, According to Chefs

Leading up to 2020, chefs predicted more plant-based meals, fast-casual dining, and kelp, and their predictions came to fruition, to varying degrees, over the last year in dining rooms around the country.

The Best Art Books of 2020

books became portals into other worlds more than usual in 2020, with seemingly endless times of confinement and less in the way of IRL experience than most of us had ever imagined before.

5 Art Websites that Will Inspire You

Art has the power to make us think outside the box, ask questions, fascinate and inspire curiosity. Whether the medium is through paint, photography or design, art is something that surrounds us every day and is objective in taste.

How fashion rules the world fashion industry

In the 21st century the style trends of the fashion industry dominate the world more than they ever did, and control not only the way people dress but also trends in home ware design, makeup fashion and people’s overall attitudes.

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